International Poster Gallery
Boston, MA
Mark J Weinbaum Fine Vintage Posters and Decorative Prints
New York, NY
Galerie un deux trois
Geneva, Switzerland
Galerie Documents
Paris, France
Chicago Center for the Print
Chicago, IL
Chisholm-Larsson Gallery
New York, NY
I Desire Vintage Posters
Toronto, Canada
Barclay-Samson LTD
Plougoumelen, France
The Ross Art Group Inc.
New York, NY
David Pollack Vintage Posters
Wilmington, DE
Poster Classics
Saint Jorioz, France
Rennert's Gallery
New York, NY
Nancy Steinbock Posters
Chestnut Hill, MA
Kiki Werth Posters
London, UK
La Belle Epoque
New York, NY
Artifiche Poster Gallery
Zurich, Switzerland
Chisholm Gallery
New York, NY
Gallerie Rouge
Denver, CO
Onslows Vintage Poster Auctions
Dorset, UK
Van Sabben Poster Auctions
Hoorn, The Netherlands
Swann Auction Galleries
New York, NY
Poster Conservation
Stamford, CT